eInvoicing for Dynamics GP and BC Fast track your document exchange

What is eInvoicing?

eInvoicing is a way to seamlessly & electronically exchange invoices between software systems. This means that unlike emailing a PDF, e-invoices are sent securely from your ERP and appear in your customer’s accounting software, ready to be approved and paid. Recipients no longer need to manually enter invoice details, which saves time and contributes to faster payment and healthier cash flow.

eInvoicing with Post Master Connect

Post Master Connect allows users of Dynamics GP and BC to publish and read from a number of industry leading connection points including:

Post Master Connect is a flexible tool for connecting with all of your suppliers and customers in whichever EDI / eInvoicing format they prefer. We support many different document types including:

  • Invoices (Purchasing and Sales)
  • Orders (Purchasing and Sales)
  • PunchOut / Catalogue Requests
  • Despatch Advice

To find out more about Post Master Connect, contact us and request a FREE TRIAL version.

BENEFITS OF eInvoicing
Cost Savings Automate what is usually a very manual administrative process
Faster Payment eInvoices are delivered almost instantly, directly to the accounting system ready to be approved and paid.
Error Reduction Reduce the number of data entry errors. The results mean less frustration for both buyers and sellers.
Increased Security eInvoices are exchanged through the secure PEPPOL network via trusted service providers.